The Author of “Leverage” Explains How Cheap Money Is Destroying America (And The World)

Long-time stock market commentator and money manager Jim Puplava, of the well-known Financial Sense blog and radio show, recently interviewed Karl Denninger, author of the new book:  “Leverage- How Cheap Money Is Destroying the World“.

The issues behind the manipulation of credit which are behind the Newtonian critique of certain Wall Street practices are explained in very understandable form in Mr. Puplava’s excellent interview.  The interview can be downloaded here and is well worth the time to listen to in its entirety.

If you’re not already familiar with Jim Puplava, his weekly radio show on Wall Street and Investments is one of the most popular in the internet, and Puplava is simply one of the best interviewers in the business.  This show with Karl Denninger is a great example of how Puplava brings his vast knowledge of the market to all his interviews.  Highly recommended.

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